Radiant Heat

In addition to plumbing, All Pro Plumbing also does hydronic heating, including baseboard and radiant heating (in-floor heating), as well as complete geothermal heat pump systems.
Radiant heating is widely concidered to be the most comfortable type of heating, and with today's high-efficent condensing boilers, it can also be the most cost effective.  
Instead of heating the air, as is done in conventional forced air systems, hydronic heating heats water which is then pumped through tubing in the floor or baseboard radiators.  The floors then heat your walls and furniture and then the air, mantaining the ambiant temperature of the room at a much more stable, and more comfortable range.
In addition to being a more comfortable heat, the elimination of moving air makes for a hypo-alergenic environment, preventing the circulation of dust, pet dander and other alergents.